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EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCES [2013-01-11] Pulsating Orb in the November Night Sky The sighting of a glowing red orb ignited Sue Demeter St-Clair’s inquiring mind. Finding “people who were looking into these extraordinary experiences without prejudice” shaped her investigative mandate. GHOSTS & HAUNTINGS [2012-12-23] The Ramifications of the Reading Horrors A look at the infamous crimes of 19th-century British baby-farmer Amelia Dyer and tales of her spectre after her execution. [2012-12-07] Edmonton's McKay Avenue School Christopher Laursen reflects on the first article he wrote about haunted locations in Edmonton, Alberta, in 1992. IMAGINATIVE WORKS [2012-12-04] Japanese Yokai On-Screen Three fantastical Japanese films introduce viewers to the culture’s rich variety of kwaidan and yokai – ghosts, some of them shapeshifting, others animal hybrids – all defying conventions of the Western imagination.  [2012-11-27] Pulsallama, “The Devil Lives In My Husband’s Body” What are the roots of the 1980s hidden pop music gem, “The Devil Lives in My Husband’s Body” by Pulsallama? Band member Staceyjoy Elkin points out that pulp fiction not early modern witch trials served as the inspiration. STUDIES & RESEARCH [2013-12-04] Dissertation Reviews: 5 Archives on the Modern Metaphysical  [external link] Christopher Laursen reviews the archives he visited in the U.S. and the U.K. in 2012 in his doctoral research on the history of studies of the paranormal. [2012-12-11] Surveying Hong Kong's Abundant Spirits Polls of paranormal encounters have provided insightful data into the diversity of such experiences. Gettysburg College sociologist Charles Emmons is looking to revise one such study he did in the 1980s. TRAVELS & JOURNEYS [2012-11-30] The Ghosts of Gili Meno With its beautiful turquoise waters, pathways absent of motor vehicles, and view over the dry mountains of Lombok, Gili Meno is the perfect Indonesian island getaway. But by night, you may not feel alone in the dark.
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